Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ahhh...Nap time!

It's that special time of day again. The time when my house gets quiet and should be getting cleaned...but it's Sunday, so I have an excuse to be blogging instead of putting away laundry. I thought I should explain the name of my blog. It wasn't my first choice, but it works.

I initially tried for "Little Brick House" but that was already taken. So I tried the next available adjective...small. Yes, my house is small with only two bedrooms, but luckily the rooms are rather spacious compared to other ranch style houses I have been in. My house was built in the 1950's. The man who built it started with the basement (of course) but actually finished it off and lived it before finishing off the main floor of the house. As a result, my laundry room has this funky wall paper with teapots on it...I guess it used to be the kitchen.

My house is on a dead end gravel road with 10 homes on it. Our lot is just under one acre. It's a bummer to mow, but a huge blessing for the kids to be able to run free (for the most part).

Since moving in about 7 years ago, I have struggled with discontent with this house. I love the location, but it is not the nicest house around. Why can't I have the nice big house with the vaulted ceilings and multiple baths???

Then, I get a reality check. Most people in the world do not own a home, much less one as nice as mine. God has blessed me with a good house and a wonderful family to share it with. How can I complain about that??

With that, I will go and enjoy the rest of my peaceful nap time in my small brick house.

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