Monday, April 26, 2010

The Adventure

I have started reading Wild at Heart by John Eldredge and will be posting a review in the next week or so, but wanted to share a little epiphany I had. One of the points the author makes is that a man's heart (and a boy's heart) longs for adventure. I have known this for a while with my son...if I make a task or trip into an adventure, he is usually on board--fully engaged. But what about those other times when he refuses to get with the program...why isn't he jumping in head first? My epiphany today was this: the ultimate adventure for a three year old is defending his desire for independence from the ultimate authority in his life: mom and dad! It is him against the world! A fight to the bitter end!

So, how do I foster that sense of adventure and need for battle without raising a hoodlum? How do I teach him honor and respect without crushing him at the same time??

Here is the part of the post where I give the answers....well, I am sorry to disappoint, but I don't have them. Hopefully just being aware of his needs will allow me to respond in the right way.

My friend Erin has started the Moms of Boys Society where mothers of boys can encourage each other in how to raise our boys. We don't need to weed out all of their boyishness...we need to embrace it and see how it will make them into wonderful men when they are grown. Raising boys is an adventure...with God's help, I am jumping in!


  1. awesome post! I am now following your blog! Are you on twitter? I'm @meghantucker on there.

  2. Great observations and intriguing questions, Donna! I have been wondering a LOT lately how to go about teaching honor and respect without crushing the spirit of my son as well...I am learning a lot from reading the 'Boundaries With Kids' book, and I know that I need to learn to discipline without emotion, but I REALLY want to learn how to reach the heart of my kids, especially my boys. I'll keep checking back to see if you've found the answers! :)

  3. I'm so glad to find you!! Erin posted a link to your blog on Twitter! I'm your newest follower so I can get to know you better!! I'm so excited about he MOB Society!! I definitely need it!! =) Have a great Monday!

  4. The Tucker Family--Thanks for stopping by! Yes I am on twitter, (@donnabell29) though I am a newby! I will follow you!!

    Krew leader--I am needing to read that book!

    Rachel--Thanks for stopping by! I am excited about MOB too!!

  5. Donna, Awesome!!! I don't need to worry about adventure with a son but need to figure out how to reinforce adventure in hubby's life without risking responsibilities. Or vice versa; keeping the responsibilities intact while having some adventure.