Monday, April 12, 2010


We had the first skinned knee of the season at our house. Emma was running around in her princess crown, waving her sparkled wand, and pretending to turn Sam into a "Bug." It was then that the sidewalk decided to "jump up" and trip her. There was much hysterics as I examined her to assess the injuries. When all the debris was brushed away, her knee was the only area needing a bandage. It was big enough that I had to pull out one of the 2x2 inch square bandages--it covers her whole knee.

Spring opens up all sorts of opportunities to be hurt in some way...skinned knees, bruised elbows, bee stings, sunburns. My mother bear instinct tells me I should protect my children from these things....but if I do that, what amazing things will they miss out on? Wind blowing thru their hair, digging in the dirt for worms, smelling sweet flowers, running thru the sprinkler.

How many times do I choose not to expose myself and be real with people, just so I can avoid the possibility of getting scratched up or bruised? If I do that, I am depriving myself of all the great things God wants to do in me through the process. Also, God wants to use me to minister to others...if I take the safe road, I am depriving them of an opportunity to learn something from God. How stuck up is that!!!

How bad is a skinned knee anyways? Emma was off running again 2 minutes after I put on the band-aid. There are way to many great things you miss out on if you choose to burrow yourself into your "safe place" and not branch out and experience new things. We are God's tools in this world--He works through us to accomplish great things! He will allow us to experience some hurts, but He is always there watching over us.


  1. Sometimes it doesn't feel like He's there because it hurts soooooooooooo bad. :o(

  2. So glad He IS always there thought! Darn skinned knees :(