Sunday, April 18, 2010

God-power not will-power

I have failed.

Failed at keeping up my house. Failed at parenting. Failed as a wife.

Why? Because I keep trying to use will-power instead of God-power.

All of my responsibilities are "God-sized." I am doomed to fail on my own power. I am overwhelmed by my shortcomings and then I just stop trying. I am not honoring God by how I live my life at home.

How am I supposed to do it all?

I am not supposed to do it all.

God is.

He can accomplish anything! Even help this pack-rat conquer clutter! Through Him, I can have victory over the pile of laundry! I know this may sound corny, but it is true! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, my attitudes, behaviors and habits can be transformed! I have faith that God can use me to bring glory to His name in how I love my husband, how I raise my kids and how I manage my house! All things are possible through God!

My life is more than just a to do list of chores and errands. My role is not just to cook and clean for my husband, it is to love and serve him as unto the Lord! I am not just a caregiver for my children, I am the one who gets the honor of teaching them how to live a life for the Lord! I am not just supposed to check off things from my to do list so I can feel good about myself or feel productive...I am to do it so others can see God working through me!

God wants to do ridiculous things through me! Things that I cannot do! Things that people will marvel at and KNOW that God is the one who did them!

So, are you living a God-powered life today? Let's make our lives a testimony of HIS greatness!

**disclaimer: When I say "serve my husband" I mean that I treat him with as much or more respect and attention as I would a guest in my home....why would I not choose to give my husband the best of me??**


  1. Great blog post! Kudos on serving!

  2. Amen, Donna! If only we could truly live our lives ALL for God's glory...what a difference it would make! It's all too easy to get caught up in the mundane stuff of our every day and to lose all desire to do it. I definitely want to start keeping my focus where it belongs and let EVERY part of my day bring glory to God - thanks for the inspiration!