Friday, April 30, 2010

New hairdo

Here is the update you have all been waiting for...okay, maybe it's not as important to you, but it rocked our world!!

So, in my last post, I had resigned to the fact that Emma's remaining long hair would be lobbed off for Locks of Love. The thought of another little girl being blessed by this tragedy warmed my heart.

On Wednesday evening, I was prepping Emma for the hair appointment with Val the next morning.

It was after this, my husband bared his heart and soul to me. "Can't we just leave it long in the back and feather it in the front?"

Before I could stop myself, the words came spilling out, "NO! THAT'S A MULLET!"

Then he looked at me with a little bit of pain in his eyes, "This is killing me..."

Ooops! I guess I was so concerned with myself coming to grips with this, that I totally lost sight of how my hubby felt. I guess there truly is something to be said of the father-daughter bond.

So, we compromised and kept the back as long as possible so the layers wouldn't look silly. I say we, but I really mean my sister, Val. Actually, I wasn't even there when she cut it. She is that good and I trust her that much!!


  1. Val is a genius. You can't tell anything went wrong!

  2. Very cute. As time goes on, you can just trim up the back and before you know it, it'll all be one length again!

    Thanks for sharing your story! It's SO funny!!

  3. Layers are fun! It looks good Donna!

  4. It looks great!! And Val is the best when it comes to hair. :)