Friday, April 9, 2010

Seeds Family Worship

I had an awesome time this morning at Christ's Place MOPS group! While I was challenged, I was able to take away a renewed commitment to bring Christ into every part of my day. This is especially important in regards to raising my children. I need to be deliberate about exposing them to Christ and the Word of God. I can't just rely on what they learn in Sunday School and Rainbows Club.

One thing I am most excited about is Seeds Family Worship. My friend Erin (aka my blogging inspiration, check out her site) has been using their CD's to help her kids learn about scripture and have an actual "worship" time in her home. It's not like the worship time with think of on Sunday mornings. It's a time to focus on God as a family. That will look different for every family, because every family is different. Seeds Family Worship is an awesome tool to help facilitate that worship time.

Their songs are upbeat and fun. They are based directly on scripture. As much as I love Go Fish, for their silly kids songs, you can't beat the actual Word of God!! You can go their site and actually listen to songs as much as you like without even buying them. They do have CD's available for purchase as well. (Erin keeps the CD's in the car and listens online while at home!)

So my challenge for myself is to take a song each day and learn it with my kids. I want to be deliberate about teaching my kids about Christ, not just letting them pick it up here and there. As they learn to hide His Word in their hearts, I am hoping to do the same!!


  1. Hi Donna!
    Thanks so much for telling others about Seeds! Email me at and I'll let you know the latest and greatest from Seeds!


  2. Hi Donna!
    Thanks for stopping by my site to enter the Seeds Family Worship contest!! I absolutely LOVE SFW!! Their mission is so right on!
    Hope you win!