Wednesday, April 28, 2010


FYI: I have a redheaded daughter. I proclaimed when I found out that I was pregnant, that I would have a redheaded child. Both of my husband's grandfathers and one of mine had red hair. My husband had red hair as a child and still has red in his beard. The first thing people notice is her beautiful red hair with blond highlights....I guess it has been a source of pride for me that I didn't really know existed....

My Tuesday was going fine. I had the normal skirmishes to break up, but no major events to speak of....until I took Sam potty at 4:00 or so. It was a number 2 so I took a seat on the side of the tub while Sam hunkered down. We talked about the spider he had seen outside, his ouchy on his leg and numerous other things to pass the time. I had kept the door open a little to listen for the other kids and hadn't heard a peep. When Sam finished, we walked into the dining room to see that some one had taken a few snips off of Emma's winter coat fringe (we had left her jacket somewhere, so had to pull it out on a chilly day). I then noticed the pink handled safety scissors were no longer on the table.
My kids love to cut was our craft for the day....I know...its not much of a craft....but I am not crafty...that's another story though.
I went downstairs to find the scissors. When I got there I found some paper trimmings scattered about. Emma came around the corner and I found my culprit. I was pretty calm as I explained we don't use scissors to cut our coats and we only cut paper at the table. Emma and I began cleaning up the paper.
It was then I began to notice a few clumps of hair and my mood began to change....before long I had two handfuls of hair! Worse yet---i found several clumps of brown hair! Yup! She had taken the scissors to my nephew Mason as well! (Abigail must have run away scared! She wanted nothing to do with it!!)

I was beside myself! Part of me wanted to cry, the other part wanted to laugh. We had been talking about doing locks of love for several months, so I shouldn't be upset, right? Maybe I was okay with the thought of cutting her hair, because I knew she wasn't ready to cut it. Now that here hair is really gonna be short...I had to do a little grieving!

Luckily, my sister Val is not only a forgiving person, she is also an awesome stylist who will give my daughter an amazing cut. She was also able to salvage Mason's hair.
I will post her new hairdo in a few days....she is stuck with the chopped look till tomorrow.


  1. Sarah cuts paper all the time - now I am a bit fearful!! Although, her locks do not even compare to Emma's!!! HUGS!!

  2. Oh, what a story! I love it! Only Emma! Hopefully Anna has had enough friends do this and get into trouble, that she won't ever even think about this! Anna is really into growing her hair long, maybe we should talk about locks of love!